DX & DO Shipments

DX & DO Shipments

Orders with a DX or DO priority are subject to shipment based on priority and allocation per the following DPAS system regulations and requirements.


 Defense Priorities and Allocation System (DPAS)

Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) (FAR  Subpart 11.6)

As stated, block 1 of the solicitation will indicate if the contract is a “rated order.”  A rated ordermeans a prime contract for any product, service, or material which require preferential treatment, and includes subcontracts and purchase orders resulting under such contracts.  DoD solicitations may be rated orders certified for national defense use, and the Contractor must follow all the requirements of the Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) regulation. 

The DPAS provides that DoD contracts are assigned priority ratings to assure that these contracts are afforded production priorities for delivery ahead of unrated orders which includes commercial orders.  Ratings are assigned to DoD contracts and enforced in both peacetime and war or emergencies.  The contractor is obligated to accept the rated order, to schedule production operations to satisfy delivery requirements of each rated order, and to extend the priority rating to suppliers to assure that the item is delivered in the timeframe requested.

There are two levels of priority for rated orders established by the DPAS, identified by the rating symbols "DO" and "DX." 

  1. (All DO rated orders have equal priority with each other and take preference over unrated orders (including commercial orders).  All DX rated orders have equal priority with each other and take preference over DO rated and unrated orders.
  2.  DX ratings are used for special defense programs designated by the President to be of the highest national priority.

FAR 11.604—Solicitation Provision and Contract Clause.

  1. Contracting officers shall insert the provision at FAR 52.211–14, Notice of Priority Rating for National Defense Use, in solicitations when the contract to be awarded will be a rated order.
  1. Contracting officers shall insert the clause at FAR 52.211–15, Defense Priority and Allocation Requirements, in contracts that are rated orders