FOB Origin Shipping

FOB Origin Shipping

Hamilton Products Group, Inc. ships all GSA Approved Containers FOB ORIGIN.

"FOB shipping point" or "FOB origin" indicates the buyer pays the shipping cost, and takes responsibility for the goods when the goods leave the seller's premises.

Prompt Payment of Terms: Net 30 Days

          Government Commercial Credit Car: Accepted Visa, MC and AMEX

          Discount for paying by Commercial Credit Card: None

          Foreign Terms: None

          Terms of Delivery: 5-75 Calendar Days ARO

          F.O.B. Point: Amelia, OH 45102 (ORIGIN)

          Ordering Address:

Hamilton Products Group, Inc.

GOVT Sales
7775 Cooper RD

3997 Bach Buxton Road
Amelia, OH 45102 this is the shipping point