Access Control

Access Control

We specialize in helping you reach your storage and security goals with a wide variety of access control containers, cabinets and lockers. Manufactured with 10-gauge steel and equipped with the GR 2 lock (S&G 6730), you can safely store keys, cards and other materials that are controlled through facilities or security processes.

  • Key Locker Specifications
  • Special Access Container Specifications

The GR 1 lock, S&G 8550 is available for an additional $60.00; or S&G 2937 is for an additional $180.00

Key Locker -- Model No. KL-102 Our Smallest locker (key) is 7"H x 4"W x 6 3/4 "D with a Group II combination lock. This locker can be mounted to a base plate (Total of 6 key lockers can be mounted) where the lockers can be placed into a field safe or security cabinet and become an integral part of the cabinet. See section on Field Safes. Shipping Wt. 11 lbs

Outside Dimensions: 7" H x 4" W x 6 3/4" D. Allow 1 1/2" H for lock protection. Lock options include the X-09 or S&G 8550

Utility Locker -- Model No. UL-157 We also have a utility locker that can be equipped with a key rack for storage of 42 sets of keys.

Shipping Wt. 22 lbs

Outside Dimensions: 8 1/2" H x 5 3/16" W x 12 1/8" D

The GR 1 lock, S&G 8550 is available for an additional $60.00; or S&G 2937 is for an additional $180.00

SACC-- Special Access Control Container Model No. SACC-162 Our special access control container is designed to fit into the drawer of a legal size GSA Approved security file and is used to compartmentalize sensitive material. Shipping Wt. 44 lbs.

Outside Dimensions: 10" H x 15" W x 12" D

Security Card Depository Special Model No. CD-161 The Secure Card Depository is wall mounted and intended for the storage of used COMSEC keys. However, over the years, customers have found many other applications. This container is provided with a deposit slot mounted on the top with an anti-fish device. Shipping Wt. 18 lbs.

Outside Dimensions: 12 1/16" H x 5 3/16" W x 8 1/2" D