Key Cabinets

Key Cabinets

Key cabinets and lockers are ideal for convenient and quick access to keys, AA&E and other access control key


UL-157 - Access Control, , Gray
KR158 - Access Control, , Parchment
KL-102 - Access Control, , Gray
BP-101 - Access Control, , Gray

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The GR 1 lock, S&G 8550 is available for an additional $60.00; or S&G 2937 is for an additional $180.00

The GR 1 lock, S&G 8550 is available for an additional $60.00; or S&G 2937 is for an additional $180.00

Utility Locker -- UL-157 Shipping Wt. 22 lbs. | Outside Dimensions: 8 1/2" H x 5 3/16" W x 12 1/8" D

Key Rack -- KR158 Shipping Wt. 1 lb. | Six (6) racks will fit in the UL-157 (each rack holds ten keys)

Key Lockers used in conjunction with a GSA Approved class 6 Field Safe or Special Size 1 Drawer Cabinet provides secure compartmentalization of Arms Room Keys.

The GR 1 lock, S&G 8550 is available for an additional $60.00; or S&G 2937 is for an additional $180.00

Key Locker -- KL-102 Comes standard with the S&G 6730 GR2 Lock | Shipping Wt. 11 lbs | Outside Dimensions: 7" H x 4" W x 6 3/4" D  Allow 1 1/2" H for lock projection. Available with optional X-09 or S&G 8550 lock.  Our Smallest locker (key) is 7"H x 4"W x 6 3/4 "D with a Group II combination lock. This locker can be mounted to a base plate (Total of 6 key lockers can be mounted) where the lockers can be placed into a field safe or security cabinet and become an integral part of the cabinet. See section on Field Safes.

Base Plate for Key Locker -- BP-101 

Item No.

Model No.

S.I. No.

Description for Options

Shipping Weight

Shipping Cube


BP 101


Base Plate - One required for each drawer.

8 lbs.



KL 102


Key Locker

11 lbs.


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