Filing CabinetsSingle or Multi-Lock

Filing Cabinets

Security Filing Cabinets are designed to resist covert, surreptitious and forced entry and are approved for the storage of all levels of classified information, in addition to narcotics, funds and other valuables.

Security containers are required for the secure storage and protection of classified documents and/or materials.


Lock Options Include:

  • Securam SR2-7
  • Securam SR22-7
  • Group 2M
  • S&G 6730


Color Selections Include: 

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Parchment



Class 5  General Purpose

VGP SIZE II          Class 5   Size II General Purpose


Class 6 Two Drawer

VI2M-LEGAL      Class 6 - Two (2) Drawer Multi - Legal

VI2M-LETTER     Class 6 - Two (2) Drawer Multi – Letter


VI2S-LEGAL        Class  6 -Two (2) Drawer Single - Legal

VI2S-LETTER      Class  6  -Two (2) Drawer Single – Letter


Class 6  Four Drawer

VI4M-LEGAL      Class  6 -  Four (4) Drawer Single - Legal

VI4M-LETTER     Class  6 -  Four (4) Drawer Multi – Letter


 VI4S-LEGAL        Class 6 - Four (4)  Drawer Single – Legal

VI4S-LETTER      Class 6 - Four (4) Drawer Single – Letter


 Class 6 Five Drawer

VI5M-LEGAL      Class  6-  Five (5) Drawer Multi - Legal

VI5M-LETTER     Class  6 -  Five (5) Drawer Multi – Letter


VI5S-LEGAL        Class 6 -  Five (5) Drawer Single - Legal

VI5S-LETTER      Class 6 -  Five (5) Drawer Single - Letter



  • Cabinet Specifications
  • Lock Specification
  • GSA Approved Label
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F.O.B. ORIGIN: Milford, Ohio 45150
Delivery area to lower 48 contiguous States, Washington D.C., Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico

All products are shipped F.O.B. Origin

Additional Charges for Inside & Sidewalk Delivery
Additional charges for sidewalk or inside delivery. It is the responsibility of the recipient to remove the equipment from the truck. If you would like to request assistance in placing your order inside an office, you must specify "INSIDE DELIVERY REQUESTED" on your order. This additional service is at the customer's expense. You may select your own cartage or Van Line, or we can assist you. Hamilton Products Group, Inc. cannot assume responsibility for the charges and the exact expense will be billed to the purchaser

Additional Charges
Export Packing Charge: Priced upon request
All additional delivery services are billed at the customer's expense