U.L. ListedVaults & Panels

U.L. Listed

Hamilton can provide you with a wide selection of UL listed and GSA approved modular vaults that will save you time and money. They can be enlarged or modified as your needs change or they can be moved to accommodate your changing requirements.Our standard modular vault panels are comprised of a mixture of geological composites with concrete to create a most formidable panel.

Hamilton provides UL listed Class M, Class1, Class 2, and Class 3 modular Vault Panels. The Hamilton five- (5) inch thick UL listed Class 1 modular vault panel is equivalent to 12" of reinforced concrete. Economical to install, these modular panels are designed for slab on grade installations.


  • Maximum Security, Light Weight
  • Above ground storage made economical
  • Installation saves time and money
  • Can be disassembled and moved to alternate locations

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